Get on your bike – and help the climate. On the third Sunday in June.

The Sternfahrt bike rally has been an integral part of Hamburg’s calendar of events since 1995.

Sternfahrt, the annual bike demonstration, is organised by MOA, a German initiative dedicated to improving safety for non-motorised road users and to promoting the positive effects of cycling on health and the environment. MOA is an alliance of green-minded individuals and environmental groups and is supported by Forum Verkehrssicherheit Hamburg, a regional road safety association comprising many stakeholders.

In 2018, more than 30,000 cyclists made their way to Hamburg’s town hall.

Over 80 starting points will lead to the city centre at this year’s rally.

The U-Bahn station Lattenkamp is the starting point for the children’s route.

The final destination: the closing event at the town hall at 3 p.m.

MOA finds that Hamburg has been making huge progress…

…ever since the Alliance for Cycling was founded in 2016. And this is also the reason why the 2019 Sternfahrt will mainly focus on systematically implementing the defined goals – such as the following:

  • ensuring safe, attractive cycle paths
  • expanding the “velo routes network” and the network of fast cycle routes in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region
  • creating a smoother traffic flow for cyclists
  • launching a “turning assistant” system for lorry drivers
  • improving safety for cyclists crossing the River Elbe.
Any distance travelled by bike instead of by car is helping the environment.
Thomas Schönberger
Member of the MOA board

The next Sternfahrt is on 16 June 2019.

The MOA website offers anything from route information to travel tips via public transport. (German only)

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