Wird geladen

To the train station by bike, and off to work by rail.

How about a trip to the countryside or a festival visit? Because commuters are not the only ones benefitting from the Bike+Ride scheme.

It is just as handy for family trips, outings with friends, or as a fast lane to your nightlife venue. All you have to do is cycle to a nearby train station, leave your bike, and get on the train. In the greater Hamburg area there are bike stands at most local and regional train stations, and many of these are roofed. You will even find a bike stand at the Finkenwerder ferry station.

Public U-formed bike stands are available across the city and can be used free of charge.

But if you want to play it safe you can always choose between the following rental options:

  • a secured bike stand for €24.00/quarter (€33.00/quarter including locker)
  • a secured bike stand for €90.00/year (€126.00/year including locker)

Any questions? Please feel free to get in touch. (German only)

More than 3,100 bike stands have been put into operation since 2015.

More than 28,000 bike stands will be made available in Hamburg by 2025.

Over €28 million have been allocated to developing Bike+Ride facilities between 2016 and the end of 2024.

This includes e.g. convenient parking areas with simple U-formed stands, roofed areas as well as closed-in facilities with charging stations for pedelecs. And yet this in only the beginning as the B+R scheme will be made even more attractive with electronic payment systems as well as on-demand booking options.

The B+R scheme has been implemented since 2015.

Prices at a glance.

Whether annually or quarterly: especially commuters benefit from B+R.

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