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Velo routes will be the heart of bike traffic in Hamburg.

Enjoying a cycle on broad, level lanes, accompanied by the humming sound of your turning wheels.

It’s every cyclist’s dream: to enjoy a comfortable bicycle ride at constant speed in Hamburg and its surroundings.

And this ideal scenario is becoming more and more of a reality, as 14 citywide “velo routes” are scheduled to be implemented at a length of approx. 280 km. The map above illustrates how the network is being developed further and further. Most of the routes will be completed by the end of 2020, and new signposts will be added by 2021. So what exactly does “velo route” stand for?

A traffic network for family outings, cargo transport, and everyday journeys.

Velo routes are aimed at creating a coherent network of cycle paths.

Currently, many of Hamburg’s cycle paths are confined to individual stretches. These include fully developed cycle streets, cycle lanes alongside the roadway as well as designated lanes beside the footpath. Velo routes are aimed at integrating all of these stretches into one coherent, seamless network. Where possible, this will mostly include 30-km/h zones. Even at this stage, about 70% of Hamburg’s cycle routes run along secondary roads, and comprehensive development is currently in full swing. Once completed, cyclists in Hamburg will be able to enjoy their journey even more.

Hamburg’s centre will be linked up with the suburbs via a star-shaped network of 12 routes.

The ring-shaped routes 13 and 14 will open up Hamburg’s inner and outer residential areas.

Leading alongside an Alster canal, velo route 4 was created in 2017.

Along the velo routes you can find attractions such as the Speicherstadt.

We are investing over 100 million euro in the development of the velo routes network alone.
Kirsten Pfaue
The Hamburg Senate’s bicycle traffic coordinator

A milestone for Hamburg’s locals.

Since its launch in 2016, the Alliance for Cycling has been initiating various measures aimed at facilitating coherent routes and seamless access to other modes of transport for cyclists in Hamburg. Velo routes will be the main key to achieving these goals. Ensuring a comfortable, safe journey all year round and encouraging people of all ages to make use of their bikes, velo routes will enable residents to complete their journey, whether long or short, in their own time.

Reach your daily destinations by bike, or simply enjoy a leisurely tour.

From Rahlstedt to the city centre via route 7. Or through the port to Lower Saxony via route 11.

Whether you cycle to work, to the childcare centre, or to the grocery shop: Hamburg’s velo routes are making your daily life more convenient. They are encouraging the use of e-bikes, cargo bikes, pedelecs and traditional bikes and have the potential to become the city’s new arteries. And of course the star-shaped network of routes to the city centre is also ideal for recreation and sports, and for outings with family and friends. For all cyclists, velo routes provide handy orientation for planning the perfect route through Hamburg and the surrounding region. (German only)

14 routes, and all yours.

Would you like to learn more about the individual velo routes? Further information is available here. (German only)

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