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Just keep cycling: Hamburg makes short work of icy paths.

Hamburg’s winter services ensure that cyclists can enjoy a comfortable journey, even with ice and snow involved.

To this end, Hamburg’s city cleaning management has purchased another seven sweepers since 2017. And as of the 2018/19 winter season, the clearance network has been expanded by another 25 kilometres, now including major routes such as Bebelallee, Hochallee, Lange Reihe, and Rothenbaumchaussee.

Winter services for cycle paths require specialised vehicles with roller brushes, snow blades and grit spreaders.

As de-icing salt is harmful to the environment and loose gravel may damage a bike’s wheels, Hamburg’s city cleaning management does not make use of these. Instead, once lanes have been cleared of fresh snow, they are covered with a fine grit. More and more routes are currently being added to the clearance network, enabling residents to use their bike all year round as an alternative to cars and public transport.

They have the snow-how.

From weather radar to operational planning: Hamburg’s city cleaning management. (German only)

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